Resources for Creating PPE Portraits

We're here to provide all the information you need to create your own PPE Portraits. Here are some of the files we've found to be useful. These are all Google docs.

Adopting PPE Portraits: An Overview
audience: decision makers in organization

Tips for a Successful PPE Portrait Rollout
audience: decision makers in organization

Types of PPE Portraits (single use, laminated, pins) – a PROS and CONS guide
audience: decision makers in organization

PPE Portraits Basics - Why Are You Taking My Picture?
audience: individuals being asked to participate in organization

Guide to Creating Laminated PPE Portraits with Embedded Magnets
audience:people creating physical PPE Portraits

Photography Tips for PPE Portraits
audience:people taking pictures for PPE Portrait use

“Portrait Day” Poster Template (also available in Spanish/Español)
audience:individuals being asked to participate in the organization

Here is Your PPE Portrait (also available in Spanish/Español)
audience:individuals receiving their first reusable PPE Portrait